About Us

Our Church

Northview is not a ‘church’ like most people think of a Sunday morning destination. It’s a group of individuals with various backgrounds, occupations, and personalities, who are a part of a growing family. We meet on Sunday to get to know and worship God. Some people are close to Him, some want to know Him better, and others are just checking things out. Our members are software engineers, retail clerks, students, retirees, stay at home Moms... people from all walks of life. We watch movies, play video games, sing in rock bands, hunt, jet ski, and scrapbook. Anyone and everyone is welcome here.

Instead of focusing on what people wear, how they look, or how much money they make we focus on who God is and how we can know Him better. The atmosphere is casual, the messages are meaningful, and the people are friendly. Whether you are just curious about Christianity, or have been in church all your life, at Northview you will find that you can relate to God in a meaningful way and experience authentic relationships with people who care about you. 

Come to Northview this Sunday and experience the difference that God and some great people can make in your life. Come early and have a cup of coffee or juice.  Enjoy a bite from our selection of fruits and donuts in the Northview Cafe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to to share God’s love and the Good News about Jesus Christ with everyone we can, and to develop fully devoted followers of Christ.

Our Values

We Value People
All people matter to God

We Value Relationships
With God, families, friends, and those who don’t know Christ personally

We Value Truth and Creativity
God’s Word never changes but how we present it must

We Value Application of Scripture
Teaching is for life-change

We Value Personal Growth
Real Christ-followers grow

We Value Small Groups
Relationships, growth, and ministry are lived out in small groups

We Value Serving God and People
Using our gifts and abilities to serve God and to help others

We Value Unity and Diversity
Focusing on the things that unite us, not the things that divide us

We Value Young People
Helping them to build a strong foundation for life

Our Mission Statement

We seek to be a healthy, growing family of Christ followers focusing on the five purposes of the Church:

  • Worship:  Loving God with all our heart
  • Ministry: Serving God and others
  • Evangelism: Reaching out with the love and hope of Christ
  • Fellowship: Developing meaningful and authentic relationships
  • Discipleship: Growing in our character,attitude,understanding and commitment to God


We are affiliated with Grace International. 

Grace International is a worldwide fellowship of churches and ministries that exist to provide support, training, encouragement, and relationships for church and ministry leaders. For more information see the website at gracechurches.tv.