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We believe that God wants you to experience a fulfilling and abundant life according to the words of Jesus in John 10:10.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t have difficulties or that everything is going to go our way… But, what it does mean is that if we will put God first in our life, follow His plan, and apply His Word to every aspect of life, He will help to work out the details for our good.

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From Pastor David

We are continuing with Part 17 of our series. This week we will be discussing the Holy Spirit's role in regards to Spiritual Warfare.

The issues we are seeing in our country and in the world today are not presidential or political issues, they are not politically correct or incorect issues, they are not financial issues, or any other type of physical issues.

The issues that we are facing today are spiritual issues and the only way to resolve spiritual issues is to be willing to address them spiritually.

We can put all of the programs and reforms and make all of the changes and implement all of the laws we want to but things are not going to get any better until they are addressed properly and that is to seek the face of God for a resolution.

Join us this Sunday as we discover the wonders of God's word in regards to Spiritual Warfare!

We look forward to seeing you!

Pastor David Helms

Northview Community Church