******Starting the first Sunday in June our service times with change to 8am and 10am******

Thanks for checking us out. We hope you will join us for a Sunday Celebration and discover the difference that God and some great people can make in your life.

We believe that God wants you to experience a fulfilling and abundant life according to the words of Jesus in John 10:10.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t have difficulties or that everything is going to go our way… But, what it does mean is that if we will put God first in our life, follow His plan, and apply His Word to every aspect of life, He will help to work out the details for our good.

Our music is contemporary and we have a live band that plays music by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Tree63, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe and others.   

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From Pastor David

This Sunday we are continuing our series  with Part 8 of "Jesus: The Firstborn Among Many". This week we will be looking at "Laying Down Our Lives Because He First Laid Down His".

Each of us has an idea of what it means to be "great" as a Christian. For most of us it involes in us doing something truly miraculous. Whether it is prospering financially or in health, doing mighty miracles in the name of Jesus, or we might base it on how large our church is.

But the truth is that the one that Jesus stated was the greaest performed no mircacles at all and lived in the wilderness. Not exactly the posterchild for a "Super Saint".

Being "great" as a Christian is simply being willing to serve in any capacity that God calls us to no matter what that may involve or look like. Which in turn requires us to lay down our pride, anger, personal opions and our desire to be "great". In order to become first we must become last.

Come join us as we discover the wonder of God's Word in regards to "Jesus: The Firstborn Among Many". We look forward to seeing you!

Pastor David Helms
Northview Community Church