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We believe that God wants you to experience a fulfilling and abundant life according to the words of Jesus in John 10:10.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t have difficulties or that everything is going to go our way… But, what it does mean is that if we will put God first in our life, follow His plan, and apply His Word to every aspect of life, He will help to work out the details for our good.

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From Pastor David

Last week as we wrapped up our series on Perspective we took a look at the woman that had the issue of blood. At the end of the service Rene brought out the fact that she was considered to be "unclean" and the significance of it and I am so glad that he did because it is a perfect introduction to our next topic. The significance of leprosy in scripture and the significance of a person that was considered "unclean".

In scripture leprosy is mentioned on numerous occations. It is a part of scripture that has significant symbolic meaning. In order to truly undestand its purpose in scripture we have to truly understand how leprosy is described and represented in scripture along with the process of becoming "clean".

What we find is that Jesus loves the leper. He is willing to Touch the Untouchable, Reach the Unreachable, and Love the Unlovable.

There is no one that is out of His reach no matter how "unclean" they may appear to others.

Join us this Sunday as we discover the wonders of God's word!

We look forward to seeing you!

Pastor David Helms
Northview Community Church